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Mission Statement

Why is ELS Different?

We here at ELS are looking to bring soccer to the next level, not only through the players and training but through its training staff as well.  We pride ourselves on our well-established and accomplished staff coaches.  They bring not only a great sense of self worth, enthusiasm, and the willingness to really teach the game of soccer but a wealth of Professional playing experience.  They know what it takes to get there...  We are giving EACH and EVERY team involved with ELS the opportunity to train with ALL our well-established Professional staff.  We feel, that this is crucial for the overall development of each player to see and learn different things from different staff members at NO additional cost.  So you will have the benefit of a full coaching staff for the price of one. You will always have an ELS staff member available to each team along with different looks from  other various coaches. Each staff member brings something special to the program, and  by combining everything together from each, the player will develop a full sense of the overall game and be a more complete and efficient player. 

Is there a full time trainer for each team?

Yes, each team will have their own ELS trainer at all times but now each team will have the luxury of different trainers and training throughout the season to compliment the other training.  Also, if there is a conflict in game schedules, you will have the opportunity of having another staff member attend.

What are the benefits of having my team join the ELS family?

The benefits include many things such as Discounts on Clinics, Camp's, Individual sessions, etc. all  become significantly lower in price for the ELS Player.  Having a full staff on hand for every training aspect from Goalie training to Team training.  Having different trainers working with your team for the same price of one trainer.  The ability of having high level coaches on staff that have played and coached at the highest levels.  ELS is not just about one person but one established family.


To be the best soccer player and achieve a lot of success in the game you need a couple different elements. First and foremost, you need to have the proper ATTITUDE. You must really ask yourself, do I really want this? What are the goals of the player? If getting to the national team levels are the goal, then there is a particular attitude that is required. Players that truly love the game and have lofty goals are the players that do not need
the motivation to work hard. Typically those players are constantly searching for situations where they can put themselves into the fire. Challenging themselves daily and having the inner power and desire to play just for the pure love of the game. It is that internal motivation that you truly want to be the best player that you can be because you absolutely love it! A strong attitude for the game will also lead you down the path of doing
whatever it takes to succeed on the field and doing your job well.

Second, you must have a strong COMMITMENT to succeed. This means that you must dedicate yourself to daily training at the highest level you can find. The Tuesday, Thursday training and game on Saturday approach will NOT get you to the higher levels of the game by any stretch.  It must be a daily commitment on your part to put yourself in a situation where you are receiving quality training and competitive matches. Most times as the young player though this is not just a
commitment of the individual but to the parents and family as well. It might take Mom or Dad driving you several hours to and from training and matches on a regular basis to give you the best opportunity to grow as a player. If this is the case, then so be it if you truly want to be the best. If you really want something bad enough you will need to fight and battle for it, it just won't happen because you want it to happen.

Third, you must SACRIFICE certain things. You will need to eat, live and breathe the game in order to be the best. This might mean
being away from family/friends due to traveling with a team for training/matches or not being able to do certain things in general due to your commitment to your goals as a player. This is often the most difficult element to all of this because it really tests your commitment level and attitude. Am I willing to sacrifice not going to the school dance on Friday due to a tournament this weekend? Am I committed enough to my development to sacrifice going to the dance because I really love playing the game that much? These are the questions that you will need to ask yourself all the time in order to become the player that you desire to be.

The combination of all three of these elements is what typically creates a national team level player. Along with these three elements, the game today also places several demands on players. Whether it is at the international or recreational levels, the game today is all about SPEED! How quickly can you solve problems on the playing field and adapt or adjust to the situation. The game not only demands physical speed but technical speed as well. How quickly can you get the ball under control, make a decision and do something positive with it? This is the technical speed that is needed as well as the physical speed which is how fast can you get from point A to point B.

Can you be lacking in one area of the game and still play at a high level? Yes, you certainly can and many have gone on to do so...

Do you feel that you possess these different qualities and are getting overlooked at the club or ODP levels? If this is the case, take it upon yourself and find out what else you need to do to get you where you want to be. Ask ELS to Evaluate the situation and lend a helping hand... or for help in getting noticed. If you have what it takes, the ODP, regional and national team programs will find you! Just do your part and play in situations that you keep asking yourself, what do I need to do to survive at this level?

Do you want to do whatever it takes to achieve your ultimate goal?  It starts with you!

For any other questions or inquires you have please feel free to contact us.