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Please be aware that all teams are run full time by ELITE LEVEL SOCCER and there is NO PARENT involvement in coaching!!!



Team Administrator:  Brian Mulchay

Head Trainer/Coach: Jaime Gonzalez

Current Rank: NYE: #1 Region 4: #2 National: #6


2014: Region 1 Premier Champions, ENY State Cup Champions, Disney Showcase Semi-Finalist, UYSY National league 3rd place, NEWSS Champions, Covanta Champions

2013: PDA Champions, Region 1 Premier North Chamions, Regional Semi-finalist,  Manhattan Cup Finalist, DISNEY Showcase Champions

2012: State Cup Champions, Massapequa Showcase Champions, Covanta Tournament Champions, Manhattan Finalists, Regional Semi finalist, MAPS Semi finalist, Covanta Champion, NEWSS Champion, CASL Champion

2011:  Manhattan Kickoff Finalist, Region 1 Finalist, Sate Cup Champions

2010: Region 1 Premier Selection, Massapequa Showcase Champions, NEWSS Semi Finalist, CASL invitational Finalist, Discovery Cup Champions, NERP Premier league Champions, State Champions, Manhatten Kickoff Finalist, FC Delco Semi-Finalist, Jefferson Cup Semi-Finalist

2009: State Cup Champions

This team plays in the most prestigious tournaments in the country and are in the Top flight of every tournament.  They will be attending tournaments such as PDA, Disney, Jefferson Cup, Bethesda, CASL, FC Delco, WAGS...

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EM ECNL Stars '98

Team Administrator:  Sandra Bhatt

Head Coach: Jaime Gonzalez

Current league: ECNL

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G2000      SUSA/FSC NPL

G2001      SUSA/FSC NPL

G2002      FSC Stars United


G2004      EMSC ECNL '04

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