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Registration Form

Please Fill out and bring to registration table at first day of camp or clinic event.  Thank You!






NAME OF PLAYER:_______________________________________________________________
DATE OF BIRTH:____/_____/____AGE:_____ GENDER: Female____ Male____ Grade______
HOME PHONE:______________________________ MOBILE PHONE:____________________
E-MAIL ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________
EMERGENCY CONTACT:_______________________________PHONE:__________________
PROGRAM FEE PAID:$___________________________ CHECK #______________________

I certify that my child enrolled above is in good health and has my permission to participate in camp activities including soccer. I am aware of the risks associated with my son's/daughter's involvement in the camp and camp related activities. In the event of an emergency, I hereby give permission to ELS staff, camp director and physician selected by camp director to secure proper treatment for the camper. I will be fully responsible for all medical expenses incurred by my child while attending the prgram. I give permission to ELS to use my child's images in future advertising and Promotional materials.

Signature: _________________________________________________ (Parent/Guardian) Date: ____________________________

For any questions contact Jaime/Gary at or 516-369-7797

** Goalkeeper training is offered at every training site in conjunction with field players**

First Name: ________________________________

Parent Name: _______________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________

Telephone Number: ___________________________

Cell: ______________________________

Emergency Contact: __________________________

E-mail: _____________________________

Date of birth: ___/___/_______

Please Circle: M/ F

 Team: ____________________________

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Shirt Size: Youth: S M L Adult: S M L


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